Bhoot Pret Badha Dosh Nivaran Puja for Protection Against Ghosts

Ghosts are the invisible bodies having very high powers and they cause harm to the human beings. Ghosts are generally referred to as the bad evils, devils, witches, demons etc whose main aim remains with destroying the peace of humans and control over their minds. These are unsatisfied souls who are roaming or wandering all over the world. It is a common belief that the person dies with their unfulfilled desires become ghost. They have various desires such as love, sex, family, revenge, etc that was never accomplished when they were alive. These desires they want to fulfill after their death.

People who suffer by the effects of ghosts lose their control from themselves, their minds and bodies come in the control of some bad influence or power. Due to this, they become violent and aggressive. They also create physical as well as mental illness.

For providing better protection against the ghosts attracts, we at Sacreda offer different type of amulets and talismans that as a protection against ghost that can save you efficiently. Amulets contain herbs which have huge power to save you. In Christianity, crosses and holy water help in taking care from these ghosts.

Ghosts make your life hell when they are around you. There are lots of remedies are available for protect yourself from ghosts. For increasing immunity against ghost or bad spirits, it is very important to enhance the spiritual strength that protects you from the harm made by the ghosts. Ghosts mostly attack over those persons who have weak spiritual belief so they can easily subjected by them. Use light as a spiritual cover against the bad spirits or evils, they are scared from the bright lights. Make sure that lights will spread into the entire room of your home. You can also use burn sage, take it on the plate and turn around your entire place and imagine that the place is being purified through the smoke which it is released from it.


Price is 325$ for 3 days long Bhoot Pret Badha Dosh Nivaran Puja,to be performed by 3 Brahmin Priests with video support, price is inclusive of shipping charges.


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