Astrology Birth Chart Predictions

We are born on this earth to live and take pleasure in the attractiveness of God's creation. On the other hand, our life is not convinced as no one recognizes when death would come. We worth life to the greatest and do many things to look after our body and carry on our life for as long as possible. The planet is full of astonishments and wonders that one feels that an entire lifetime is not adequate to explore and enjoy God's souvenir to us. The majority of people are very interested to know about their lifespan and other things concerning them. Hence, they refer to the birth chart which offers the information they want.

Birth Chart Prediction, also known as, natal chart prediction provided at Sacreda is a gizmo used on astrology to achieve detailed information regarding the whole personality of a human being based on the pertinent data given i.e. the date, time and place of birth. Here are the 3 aspects that can influence the accuracy of the birth or natal chart explaining below

Birth Date: Specific date of a person should be given to conclude the position of the stars and planets at the very identical day you were born.

Time of Birth: Since the planets and all other heavenly bodies are constantly moving, each movement corresponds to a solitary second. For that reason, even a minute dissimilarity in the time of birth will make a substantial effect in the result of natal reading.

Place of Birth: Natal charts are essentially geocentric, which means based on earth. The correct location at the time of birth is very important to verify the position of the planets, sun and moon as they rotate around the earth. The accuracy of this technique is over and over again questioned by many; but there are many others who actually believe on its relevance to life, career, and love. Only those who used the method can witness then to its accuracy. We charge 45$ for the Prediction.


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