Lehsunia Cat's Eye Stone & Cat Eye Rings

Cat’s eye occurrence is natural in the gemstone. It is a hard and strong gemstone which is smooth as a glass. It twinkles like a star when the light is thrown on it. Cat’s eye gemstone is commonly found in Sri Lanka and Brazil; it is formed with scapolite, quartz, corundum, spinel, tourmaline etc. Cat eye has an optical effect or we can also say it as a reflection. It is found in various colours like yellow, green, white, gray and greenish yellow. Cat’s eye is a very strengthen and beautiful gemstone that comes with the hardness of 8.5 measured by the Moh’s scale.

It is a very common belief that the person wearing this precious gemstone experiences the happiness and prosperity in their lives. People are suggested by astrologers and experienced persons for wearing this stone for getting better results. They can calculate all of your stars and planets then they will recommend it for the best results. Cat’s eye gemstone brings happiness, prosperity, health, wealth and success for the person who wears it. It is a quick action gemstone which always offers easy and favourable consequences for their users. Dull, spotted, missing of clarity in any particular gemstone proved bad for their users which causes bad effect on the health and lives of their users. You can also get affected by enemies who can give you trouble.

It’s also a common belief that wearing the cat eye gemstone brings good health, stamina, wealth and cures various diseases specially for skin diseases, muscular pain and also for mental stress. Wearing this stone will protect you from all these type of ailments especially that are supported best at Sacreda. In the common parlance, Ketu is linked with this gemstone. Cat’s eye represents this particular planet. All those gemstones with cat eye and stars are in the cabochon cut for take over the advantage of their effects. So then you are selecting any of them you should remember that the improperly or uncut gemstone will provide bad effect for the desired results.


We customize Rings and Pendants available to be made in numerous metal options viz. Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold ,Sterling Silver and Alloy Metal like Panchadhatu & Ashtadhatu.We offer a wide range of choice for Pearl,Ruby,Coral,Emerald,Yellow Sapphire,Blue Sapphire,Hessonite,Cat’s Eye Rings & Pendants. All of our Gemstones are Natural & Certified and Gem Certificate is sent with each order. Certified Gemstones give buyers confidence that they know exactly what they are buying.Pl. send your query for a price quotes.


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