The term diamond has come from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means indestructible or indomitable or transparent. In the ancient times, people pick the diamonds in the battlefield as the symbol of courage and wisdom.

Diamond is a hardest rock you ever found. It is the only precious gemstone which had only one carbon element. It exposed after millions of years from the carbon atoms which are prepared from lava which flows from the explosion of volcano. It is found from the very deep crust of earth.

Diamond is the most precious crystal; there comprises various thoughts associated with it. Greek and Roman people in ancient times consider diamond as a tear of God. There are lots of religious believes are associated with the Diamond, people are very concern about purchasing diamonds. It is very challenging task to select the perfect diamond for you.

Diamond is a very precious stone which is used in different ways. Commonly diamonds are used in making jewellery. Want and wearing Diamond jewellery is a dream of every woman. Diamond is a sign of feminism. In-spite of gold and silver, diamond is a most expensive gemstone but it looks fabulous when it put on the part of jewellery.

Diamonds could attract good luck, success and prosperity in their lives who are wearing it and they are best facilitated with us at Sacreda. Diamonds are very costly and hardest substance which is sometimes used for the cutting purpose. Clarity is the most important thing in diamonds which should considered first when you are going to purchase it. It is very important to consider all the features of diamond, because it is very expensive crystal so it needs lots of concentration about their shape, size, colour, clarity, cost and all the aspects related to it.

Diamond is also affected by the stars and astrology. It does not suites to everyone; it needs assistance and suggestions of astrologers.


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