Astrological Emerald Stone Rings Or Panna Stone Ring

When the mineral consists of aluminum beryllium and oxygen in the form of the chemical composition, it is regarded as the Panna Stone or Emerald Stone. Emeralds are not generally flawless and they are made flawless and thus, it makes it further on as a new and rare form of gemstone. Emeralds are known best for the benefits they facilitate with regards to increasing harmony, love and wisdom. In the form of a gem, it is very subtle and delicate. Usually, the Panna Stone or Emeralds are seen to have the black spots due to the presence of some amount of carbons present to them. However, this property is only used for identifying whether the gemstone is genuine or not. Cracks are also found on the gem sometimes; however, they do not have any effect over the efficacy of the emerald.

No matter, if your Panna Stone or Emerald Stone is a natural one or not, there can be different ways to make it out better. If on one’s eyes, the real emerald is kept on, it really gives relax and cool feeling in comparison to the synthetic ones that quickly gets warm out. The other way to find out, whether the emerald is natural or not, is to put the drop of water on it. Water will retain the shape of the gem if it is the real emerald or if it is not the real one, water will fall down. Panna Stone or Emerald is known for bringing the hope in life. Mostly it is worn out to prevent oneself from the accidents, severe or critical diseases or any other things like that where the hope do not have any percentage of keep the things settle down.We at Sacreda, assure you of the qualitative measures to prevent the unfortunate things from happening actually with bringing the massive usage of emeralds in the rings, amulets and talismans to keep it giving hope to you and your family as a blessing of fortunes.


We customize Rings and Pendants available to be made in numerous metal options viz. Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold ,Sterling Silver and Alloy Metal like Panchadhatu & Ashtadhatu.We offer a wide range of choice for Pearl,Ruby,Coral,Emerald,Yellow Sapphire,Blue Sapphire,Hessonite,Cat’s Eye Rings & Pendants. All of our Gemstones are Natural & Certified and Gem Certificate is sent with each order. Certified Gemstones give buyers confidence that they know exactly what they are buying.Pl. send your query for a price quotes.


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