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Many times, you may have seen people wearing a number of rings or bracelets engraved with different stones and in different figure having the importance of the stones and the finger associated to each other. There may be different reason behind wearing these stones. Some people wear them for the fashion or as a means of following new and advanced trends, whereas, some may wear them as a supportive means that can help them in their events or happenings with releasing their positive energies and bring fortune to the wearer as it is anticipated or understood.

There are different kinds of gemstones that are worn out after engraving them in different kinds of metals, woods and other items like rings, necklaces etc. Diamonds is known as the most precious gem and sapphire, pearl, ruby, emerald etc are some of the most known and effective gemstones and they have different effects over the wearer. Some people feel that the role of planets is quite effective over our life and wearing the suitable gems according to the role of planets in our life is important to keep up the good fortune and life with us for long.

Life is also quite precious than gems and these gems are meant to divert their own power to the wearer in order to bring good fortune and hope. We at Sacreda, assure the availability of quality based gemstones either engraved in any jewellery item or loose gemstone to be used in whatever manner people wish to. Quality based gemstones at Sacreda are well tested and approved by the experts and specialists of gemology and they make this sure that these stones are best available at the affordable rates and should not lose their originality even when they have been finished well by the technicians so far.


We customize Rings and Pendants available to be made in numerous metal options viz. Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold ,Sterling Silver and Alloy Metal like Panchadhatu & Ashtadhatu.We offer a wide range of choice for Pearl,Ruby,Coral,Emerald,Yellow Sapphire,Blue Sapphire,Hessonite,Cat’s Eye Rings & Pendants. All of our Gemstones are Natural & Certified and Gem Certificate is sent with each order. Certified Gemstones give buyers confidence that they know exactly what they are buying.Pl. send your query for a price quotes.


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  • Gemstone Recommendation
    Gemstones are also known as the precious stones which are used in various senses. It is used as jewellery but
  • Yellow Sapphire
    Blue sapphire gemstone is symbolized for trust, curtsy, faith and nobility. It’s a very versatile gemstone which is
  • Blue Sapphire
    Blue sapphire gemstone is symbolized for trust, curtsy, faith and nobility. It’s a very versatile gemstone which is