Rahu Gomed Stone or Gomedh Stone Rings

Gomed Stone or Gomedh is a gemstone that is also known as the name of Hessonite or Cinnamon gemstones. This gemstone is commonly taken for curing the effects of Rahu. Gomedh is mostly used for reducing the bad effects of Rahu in the form of mental tension and stress.

Gomed has a quality to overcome the stress and prevent the mental tension. It also improves the professional success as well as working efficiency. It prevents all the hindrances which create obstacles on your path. The word ‘Gomedh’ has come from the Sanskrit language, in Hindi it means cow’s fat. It is also an ancient belief that it is also referred to the urine of cow because its colour is similar to it. It is available in both the dark and light shades.

Gomed is also known from different names like Spatik, Gomedhak and Rahu Ratna. It is mostly used for reducing the bad effects of Rahu. You can wear it in the form of a ring or a pendent around your neck. Hessonite is available in India and also in different countries of the world, like Sri Lanka, Africa, Canada, Brazil, Tanzania etc. It is a very expensive stone which is mined as per order or needs.


Use of Gomedh or Hessonite is based on the zodiac sign of a person. People can use it if they had a relevant zodiac with this gemstone. Politicians, artists etc commonly use Gomed. Astrologers are also suggested to wear this gem to those who are suffering from effects of Rahu who is setting in the tenth house in the natal chart of any person. Rahu disturbs the mental condition of a person, it also create the troubles in their lives, create various problems in their personal as well as social relations and married life. Gomedh provides various protected measures for them.


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