Pearl Stone & Pearl Stone Rings or Moti Ring

Moti or Pearls are the very gentle and very delicate gem which is taken from the sea, from a shellfish which is called ‘mollusk’. It is different from all other gemstones which are dig from ground. It is impeccable and shiny at the time it discovers. The word ‘pearl’ is commonly referred for the beauty of nature. Pearls indicate the natural beauty. In comparison to other gemstones pearls is less expensive, but it is more useful from any others. There is a very large range of pearls available in the market, which had various colours, size, shapes and prices. It is mostly used in making jewellery. Pearl jewellery gives you a very authentic and glorious look which makes you seem different from others. It is good for any style and suites for any occasion. It is good for every occasion when you are wearing an evening gown or a business suit when going for a business meeting. Pearls are also suggested for good health and success. We at Sacreda, offer a wide range of pearls and pearl jewellery according to our customers’ needs at the very affordable amount of price.

Moti Mala or Pearl necklace, ring and earrings are very common among the ladies when they are choosing the pearl jewellery for then. The most common colour in pearl is white or off white or creamy, in-spite of this, it is also available in different colours like pink, rose and others. When you are searching for the excellent and elegant gift for your loved once then pearl will be the best choice for it. No doubt there is a wide range of attractive pearl jewellery which attracts the attention of all those people who are very much interested in wearing pearl. Natural pearls are taken by the professional drivers who are spending their lots of time for searching the perfect pearl. Sometimes it becomes dangerous for diving into the sea in the exploring of pearls.


We customize Rings and Pendants available to be made in numerous metal options viz. Platinum, White Gold, Yellow Gold ,Sterling Silver and Alloy Metal like Panchadhatu & Ashtadhatu.We offer a wide range of choice for Pearl,Ruby,Coral,Emerald,Yellow Sapphire,Blue Sapphire,Hessonite,Cat’s Eye Rings & Pendants. All of our Gemstones are Natural & Certified and Gem Certificate is sent with each order. Certified Gemstones give buyers confidence that they know exactly what they are buying.Pl. send your query for a price quotes.


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