KBenefits Kaal Bhairav Puja

Lord Bhairav is considered to be the personification (Avatar) of Lord Shiva. In the current times, Bhairon has been worshipped by millions of people to get the authoritative blessings from the god. Bhairav is a violent form of Shiva. It is believed that Bhairon is connected to the Southern face and relates to the Mahavidya goddess named Bhairavi who gives Lagna shuddhi (sanitization of the believer). This purifies and protects the body, self concept, character, and other attributes connected with the believer.

Kal Bhairav is an embodiment of Lord Shiva and in this form he is supposed to have cut the fifth head of Brahma. It is supposed that it is quite easy to please Mahakal Bhairav and the devotees are blessed with benefits and their wishes are fulfilled. Bhairon - Lord of Rahu, Bhairav or Bhairavi are worshipped when there are malefic planets in the birth lagna (time) or when expected malefic planets are transiting. Bhairon removes and defends person from these types of consequences. As per the Indian astrology, Rahu is known as a gloom planet, which plays a significant role in the life of a human being. The Indian astrologers often suggest people, the worship of Lord Bhairav to decrease the evils caused by the malefic location of Rahu in the horoscope.

Bhairon - The Lord of Yogis, Lord Bhairav is worshipped by Yogis and Tantriks to increase Siddhis. Bhairon is regarded as the protector of Yogis and Tantriks who attain achievement of Mantras by doing Sadhana (devotion).

Bhairon - The Kotwal, Lord Bhairav guards the temple of Lord Shiva and due to this fact, he is also known as "kotwal" (Guard).

Bhairav - The Worship, the Bhairon Puja provided by Sacreda is very useful to win over your enemies, achievement and all money-oriented soothes. It is very easy to please lord Bhairav by doing normal worship.


We offer Bhaairon Jaap Puja Homam,it is a 3 days Puja procession performed by 5 Brahmin Priests with videography.After the Puja,the Puja Sankalp,Puja Prasadam,energised Yantra with Puja DVD is sent. This Puja is very effective in destroying the enemies and evils.


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