The primary step in performing an effectual protection spells is to recognize the source of the hazard and your fears. The cause of identifying your fears is so significant is that magically, they are like holes in your aura and they pull dangers in to you.

It is not meant that once you conquer your fear, the rest is automatic. This is for 2 reasons.

  • Fear is not all time uncomplicated to beat.
  • The attacker can have a very real consequence on you both magically and physically.

An additional issue is that there are many dissimilar types of magical and physical attacks and magical attacks that draw corporeal attacks upon you.

To make the substance even more confusing, if your fear is sturdily adequate; you will draw psychic attacks from cohesive energies. These are not actually spirits as they do not have self-thought or will, but they can still cause injure.

To beat psychic attacks from cohesive energies, all you in reality need to do is to show them that your will is stronger than theirs and since you are alive, your will is naturally stronger. You just feel a push in your head and push them out of your dimension. This protection can be possible with the help of Sacreda.


Now, if the foe is a person, you need to be acquainted with if their attack is magical or physical. If it is physical, you need to decide how dangerous they are. If they are too hazardous, you need to leave. Magic is a delicate power and while it can be SUPER powerful, it takes some time to learn. And being hit in the head makes it harder to learn.


If the danger is physical, but comparatively small, you can try a variety of influencing spells. For this, you can use a Voodoo Doll from us. If the attack is supernatural, then you can protect yourself fairly easily for the reason that your magical energy is provided by us will always have more supremacy in your life. Just like a fire is hotter closer to the flame, your Magical energy is strongly closer to you. It can protect you from various spiritual powers.


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