Puja For Early Marriage

Puja for Marriage by Sacreda is performed for extended and happy married life. Young girls who are looking to get married require doing or getting for Puja for Marriage. If somebody is not getting married and facing troubles in marital life, he or she can perform this Puja for a triumphant married life. Uma (Goddess Parvati the wife of Lord Shiva) Puja is performed as they are measured to be the ideal match i.e. Shiva and Shakti. This Puja is considered to be most excellent for marital happiness. If there is any conflict in the connection, all are resolved. In many cases, it has been found that the girl’s marriage gets delayed due to many impediments such as Mangali Dosh or due to other doshas in the horoscope or Kundali of the girl.

Puja, an act of showing respect to a God, a spirit, or other part of the godly things through prayers, chants, rituals, and songs makes a religious association with the divine. Through a constituent of nature, a vessel, a sculpture, a painting, or a print we give Pujas for our well- being.

Puja means worship, commitment and respect. This is derived from the word ‘pu-chey’, or adoration. Puja includes all kinds of devotion, the everyday offerings of flowers, leaves, fruit, rice, sweetmeats, and water to the deities, the sacrifices in Kali and Ma Durga temples and temples dedicated to other female deities. Lord Ganesha has authorities to bless you with happy married life. We must shed off our self-worth, prospect and desires to Lord Ganesha and humbly worship him. Surely Ganesha will take care of your life. Join your palms and bow to Lord Ganesha to bless you and your family with serene, good physical condition and wealth. This puja by us at Sacreda can give you mental relax and calm in your life and lots of blessings for the couple who get married by this puja.


We offer Vivah Dosh Nivaran Puja with videography.After the Puja,the Puja Sankalp,Puja Prasadam,energised Mangal Yantra with Puja DVD is sent.It is priced 200$ all inclusive.Pl. send your  Query  for details.


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