Rahu Puja - Grah Shanti Rahu Pooja

Rahu as a planet does not owns any sign in the expected zodiac. However, it acts as an agent for the proprietor of the sign in which it is placed and also as an agent for the overlord of the star in which it is placed. Rahu when placed in a fiery signs would render a ferocious nature and will develop all subjects with a violent thirst of quest.

Often, Rahu is affectionate, affirming, and gritty. Rahu's transit shows where someone is likely to enlarge, try new things and disperse their energy into money-oriented pursuits. Rahu makes your life stronger. He is instrumental in strengthening your authority and converting even any enemy into your friend.

When Rahu (Dragon's Head) is malefic in the chart or horoscope, Rahu Shanti Puja by Sacreda is done to counteract the malefic consequences of the Planet. Rahu/Dragon's Head Puja defends a person from malefic effects of Rahu as per ancient vedic texts. Rahu Yantra/ Dragon's Head Puja shall be done on any rising Moon Saturday.

We arrange Rahu Puja or Homam by reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homam done.Astronomically, Rahu is the northern node of the Moon, which means the mathematical point in the north where the orbits of Earth and Moon intersect and which moves back in a retrospective fashion and completes one circle of the zodiac in 18 years. In astrology, Rahu stands for travel, death, snakes, night, lost articles, hidden wealth and gambling. On the same hand, black magic is also possible during the periods of Rahu and Ketu. In medical astrology, Rahu rules gas related troubles. As based on the horoscope, the malefic or benefic effect of Rahu is determined astrologically and not just on the basis of adulation or debilitation for the reason that under certain conditions even a debilitated Rahu can give beneficial effects whereas based on its position and degrees in the horoscope even an exalted Rahu can sometimes give malefic consequences.


We offer Rahu Jaap Puja & Homam,it is a 3 days Puja procession performed by 5 Brahmin Priests with videography.After the Puja,the Puja Sankalp,Puja Prasadam,energised Rahu Yantra with Puja DVD is sent.


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