Tulsi Mala

Tulsi is placed in our homes and various temples and is considered as the living goddess. As per the Hindu mythology Lord Vishnu brought tulsi on earth for betterment of the mankind. According to the Hindu beliefs, wherever sacred Tulsi plant is planted that place becomes holy and no evil or harms comes close to the people residing in that area. Even the Lord of death cannot enter the place.Tulsi is a 4 feet bushy plant that has aromatic leaves with minute glands. The flower of the plant are purple in colour and seeds are yellow and red in colour. It has several beneficial effects as well. Tulsi has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti microbial properties.

Tulsi mala is considered as the symbol of dedication and devotion to the god who is omnipresent according to the Hindu religion, culture and belief. Sacred Tulsi mala or any other mala which is used for the religious purpose contains 108 beads.

Tulsi or Basil is a sacred plant and the mala is made from the stems of the plant and are used as a rosary. There are 108+1 beads in this mala. This plant has strong medicinal qualities. When you take up this rosary it would cure you from high fever, mental ailments or disorder of wind in your system, since it balances the vata and kapha. Remarkably, if worn around the neck it relieves you of throat diseases. Not only does to drive away cold, flu, acidity it is a stress buster as well. This mala guards you from all evils and dangers and purifies both your body and mind. Your small step to worship it would be a giant leap in your life towards spirituality!


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