Holy Bodhi Leaf from the Tree of Awakening in Bodh Gaya

One of the most treasured souvenirs from Bodh Gaya is a leaf from the sacred tree itself.There is a feeling of wonder and excitement in the air, knowing that this was the place where the Buddha sat in meditation and achieved a great awakening 2,600 years ago.Hundreds of Buddhist practitioners from all different Buddhist traditions come together in Bodhgaya. Bodhi, a Pali word meaning ‘awaken,’ is the name given to the individual tree growing at Bodh Gaya which the Buddha was sitting under when he became enlightened. This Bodhi Tree was a variety of fig known to botanists as Ficus religiosa and which has large spreading branches and rounded leaves with a characteristic pointed tip. In the several accounts of the Buddha’s enlightenment in the Tipitaka, the Bodhi Tree is only mentioned once Tradition says that after his enlightenment the Buddha sat for seven days gazing at the Bodhi Tree out of gratitude for the shelter it had given him.

Buddhist consider Mahabodhi leaves auspicious .We offer sacred Bodhi Leaf.


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ブッダガヤから最も貴重なお土産の一つは、これは仏が瞑想に座って、2600年前に偉大な目覚めを達成した場所だったことを知って、神木itself.Thereから葉が空気中の驚きと興奮の気持ちですすべての異なる仏教の伝統から仏教の実践者の.Hundredsはブッダガヤに一緒に来ます。菩提、意味パーリ語の単語 '目覚めは、「仏は彼が啓発になったときの下に座っていたブッダガヤで成長し、個々の木に与えられた名前です。この菩提樹はインドボダイジュとして植物学者に知られているイチジクの様々だったとする特性尖った先端を持つ大規模な拡散枝や丸みを帯びた葉を持っています。伝統は彼の啓発の後仏が、それが彼に与えていた避難所のための感謝のうち菩提樹を見つめ7日間座っていたと言っていたらTipitakaで仏の悟りのいくつかのアカウントでは、菩提樹にのみ言及されています。
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