Leaf Bhojpatra and Bhojpatra Yantra

Bhojpatra is very thin bark sheet of a rare tree. In ancient times all script etc are written on Bhojpatra.Vedic Yantras are made of Bhojpatra with a help of a special pen known as Kalam with special Ashtagandha Ink.Bhojpatra Sheets are stripes taken from the bark of the Himalayan Tree known as Birch Tree also known as Bhoj.. In old times, this probably was only type of paper like sheet available to write sacred text like Yantra etc. Simply Bhojpatra means Patra or Sheets from Bhoj Tree.


We also prepare Yantra on Bhojpatra like Sri Kuber Yantra, Shri Yantra, Mahalaxmi Yantra, Vashikaran Yantra, Baglamukhi Yantra, Mahamritunjaya Yantra etc.The Yantras written on Bhojpatra are the best. Bhojpatra Yantra has to be energised and consecrated with various Vedic Mantra process also known as Pran Pratishtha of energisation.


Price is 30$ for 5 Sheets of Bhojpatra. Special wood Kalam (Anaar or Chameli Wood) and Ashtagandha ink is also available. Full pack of 5 Bhojpatra with Kalam and Ashtagandha is priced 125$.We also make Bhojpatra Yantras as per vedic rituals and energize them with vedic mantras ,prices are inclusive of shipping charges.  


We ship worldwide. Pl. send your  Query  for details.


Also available Ashtagandha Powder & Ink and Kesar to write Yantras


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