Valampuri or Dakshinavarta Shankh

Dakshinavarti Shankh, Valampuri Sanggu in Tamil or Sri Lakshmi Shankh, is a blessed Hindu object or else known in English as a conch shell. This is the shell of a large sea snail from Indian Ocean but has unusual reverse turning curved. In other words, when it is held with the spurt (siphonal canal) pointed up, this conch's spiral twists rightwards (dakshinavarti) rather than very much more widespread form, which twists leftwards (vamavarti).

A majority of conch shells open on the left side, i.e., they are formed anti-clockwise. In contrast, those that open on the right side, i.e., formed clockwise, are exceptional, but very favorable to keep in homes. These are luxurious. It is believed Goddess Lakshmi resides enduringly in white conch shells that open on the right side (Dakshinavarti Shankh). Both, Goddess Lakshmi and the right-sided conch shell have their derivation in the sea and are believed to have the same father. A right-sided conch shell is measured the younger brother of Goddess Lakshmi. It is available at Sacreda and can be easily accessible from here for prosperous environment.

The glory of a right-sided conch shell has been explained in Hindu Scriptures.

“In whatever home you find white right-sided conch shells, pleasure and well-being shall always be there. Goddess Lakshmi lives there. In whatever home uses sandalwood, camphor, flowers, rice and other items to offer prayers on a regular basis that home shall be providential and prosperous like Krishna.”

It is believed that whoever owns a pair of right-sided conch shells shall forever and a day hold glorious spots and be triumphant in doesn't matter what he does. Misery and collapse keep away. Daily admiration and systematic offering of prayers to it shall bring accomplishment and implementation. When it is placed in a shop, it promotes success in commerce. At home, it attracts prosperity and happiness. Placed with food grains, it promotes affluence. It is truly a symbol of glory and prosperity.


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