Gau Daan or Cow Donation to Brahmin

It is said that the Sun, Moon, Varuna, Agni, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva salute the person who donates cow benevolently.Kamadhenu is regarded as a form of Divine cow who appeared when the Gods and Demons churned the milky ocean. Sage vashist inspired everyone with the benefits of performing Gau Puja which later became widespread rituals. Showing devotion by worshipping Kamadhenu or Cow helps fulfilling the desires. It also helps in alleviating the sins committed by our ancestors and removes any kind of pitra dosha on us and our family. As per the Vedas the Cow is designed to conserve all the creatures including the Earth, she is blessed with such divine powers that she can cushion the catastrophes of an exploded atom bomb, this is the reason the "shastras" title her as "GAU MATA" mother cow. The benefits of donating a cow are simply endless. There is no other donation comparable to donation of a cow in this world.


Gau’ means cow and Daan means donation. Cow has a great importance in Hindu religion. Since ancient times cows have been donated by kings and other people to Brahmins and others. Although it can be donated any time, but it is believed that at least one cow must be donated in one man’s life time. We perform the Gau Daan to a Brahmin on behalf of the person and Puja Prasadam with Gau Daan DVD is also sent. It is priced 450$,all inclusive.


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