Gomti Chakra

Gomati Chakra is an uncommon natural shell stone, found from the Gomti River in Dwarka placed in India. It gives protection next to evil eyes and from the unenthusiastic elements. People who possess Gomti Chakra are sanctified with Health, prosperity and affluence it also guards children from malefic constituents. It can also be hanged in front of the House to bring tranquility. Gomati Chakra can also be breeding the foundation of buildings as it blesses the residents with a long life. Gomti Chakras can also be wrapped in a red cloth and placed in rice or wheat containers for the food safety. Gomti Chakra is also worshipped on the Diwali along with Goddess Lakshmi. Gomati Chakra symbolizes the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna which is his key weapon. Gomati Chakra is accessible at Sacreda in pure stone form and embedded along with jewelry. Some people wear it like a pendant.

One side of the Gomti Chakra is prominent like a shell at the same time as the other side is flat with circular design like twirl which looks like a snake. This is the cause why it is also known as "Naag-Chakra" i.e. snake chakra. According to Vedic Astrology, it is advantageous in cases of people who have 'Naag dosh' or 'Sarpa Dosha' in their horoscope. Many leading politician's reputation is exclusively attributed to the Gomati Chakra and it has also earned them triumph by large margins during elections.

Gomti Shilas are used for placing Shaligrams in some unusual worship. Gomati Shilas are also used as defensive for children. It brings prosperity and good health. This is also known as Cow's Eye Shila. Some believe this as Eye of Lord Shiva. These shilas are considered very blessed and advantageous when placed along shaligram as 26 Gomti Chakras are joined mutually to form a Gomti Shila.


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