Sacred Kusha Grass & Kusha Grass Mat

Kusha Grass is very sacred puja item in the Hindu/Buddhist mythology. It is also used in Tantra .Kusa Grass Aasana or Kusha Grass Aasana is used for ritual seat while doing puja as per Vedas. Many healing properties are found in the Kusha Grass. Grass was used to construct an Vedi, or Aasan to make seat, used as amulets orcharms, for religious ceremonies and so on.Ancient sages have identified several types of grasses. Kusha grass is used as a ritual seat and finds mention in as far back as the Vedas.


We offer loose Kusha Grass and also hand made Kusha Grass Mats or Kusha Aasan for Yoga & Meditation.





Price is 50$ for a pack of Kusha Grass. and 75$ for Kusha Grass Mat ,prices are inclusive of shipping charges. Durva Grass is also available.


We ship worldwide. Pl. send your  Query  for details.


Durva Grass are also available.


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