Pandit for Pind Daan at Gaya 

Gaya is significant to Hindus from the point of view of salvation to the souls of ancestors (a ritual called Pind Daan It is believed that it was Lord Brahma who first performed the ‘Pind Daan’ ceremony in Gaya. Since then this tradition has continued. Hindus traditionally come here to perform ‘Pind Daan’ to honour their parents or ancestors and people also perform the Shradh the final rites of their departed family members to free them from the agonies of hell and send them to heaven. All forefathers appreciate a pilgrimage to Gaya by their successors. Once the Pind Daan is performed in Gaya, one achieves salvation. One becomes free of rebirth. If one visits Gaya even once and offers Pind Daan, the forefathers become free from hell and other dreadful destinations and achieve salvation.”


Our Pandit/Priests at Gaya perform the Last Hindu Rites Shradh or Pind Daan on behalf of the person and Puja items with Pind Daan DVD of the ritual is also sent. It is priced 350$,all inclusive.


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